Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941) 360p -Full Movie

WC Fields’ last starring film written by himself. A series of sketches strung together in a story where Fields tries to sell a movie to Franklin Panghorn. Includes the classic diner sketch. Enjoy.


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  1. I noticed some curious staging in that musical number starting at 6:33. A lady starts singing around a campfire. She starts walking forward away from the campfire while a whole group of people follow her. She stops and walks back to the campfire while the group of people follow her back. Why didn't they all just stay there around the campfire?

  2. cool wc. playing him self that's class funny dude. wc. is cool an a comedians comedian. he's something to see an hear. great load. his style has know age or time it's just funny….there's something big about you. your nose. he just goes on an on the diner skit. is great. you can't say enough about him.

  3. this is a good film on making a show of an with wc.fields classic confusion. he reminds me of the grandfather that's lived a very crazy colorful past. this movie is nuts he drops his bottle out the plane an he doesn't think an leaps out now thats crazy.

  4. W. C. Fields arrived to the movies so late. He was born in 1880 and his first picture was in 1915. He was a great great artist but he liked to drink alcohol liquors very much and I think this broke a little his career.

  5. This movie is hilarious. W. C. Fields was a genius. It was sad that he was such an alcoholic and it lead him to his death. At least he had such a sense of humor about it in the movies.

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