22 Replies to “American Crime Noir – Full Movie – 1950 – (72 HOURS ONLY)”

  1. CONVICTED is a 1950 American crime film noir directed by Henry Levin and starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford. It was the third Columbia Pictures film adaptation of the 1929 stage play The Criminal Code by Martin Flavin, following Howard Hawk's The Criminal Code (1931) and John Brahm's Penitentiary (1938).

  2. A warden with a heart … and a sense of humor "half of (the governor's) investigators belong in here anyway" .Strong performances and a good script with lots of character parts. All in all,a very entertaining film Good choice (as usual !) Mr.Spinks

  3. Saw this 2xs but the first time I never watched the beginning just when Beaufort got into prison! Broadrick Crawford deserved an academy award—great movie and the quiet man Glenn Ford excellent😍😍😍😍

  4. …Mr. SPINKS!!….please put the date u published/uploaded a film, its matter..it tells us a lot, follow the scrip…also a big clue we could use to decide if we want to see the film would be the NAME of the film/movie, maybe we could get a clue if we seen it before/if its a drama/comedy etc…again follow the scrip..please..r u new to this?

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