1957 Bernardine

Pat Boone in the 1957 film Bernardine, Dick Sargent from Bewitched also has a pretty large role, I do NOT own this film, no copyright infringement intended, just sharing an old recording.


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  1. Omw this is where I got my name from. My parents baught me the Pat Boone LP when I was born featuring Oh Bernadine and I still have it to this day. How amazing. I was only born 13 years later. So special to have a connectionūüíĖ

  2. Interesting movie. It's hard to imagine in this day and age that this innocent movie was big among teens in '57. Pat Boone acted like a rich arrogant 1957 teenager, I as very glad to hear him sing "Love Letters in the sand" and Dick Sergant did a fine acting job. A nice, innnocent movie that entertains you for nearly 2 hours.

  3. For Natalie Schafer this was the first time I have ever seen her in a movie. Other than Gilligan's Island or the Brady Bunch episode she was in I never seen her acting. As for Janet Gaynor this is the second movie I saw her in other than "A Star Is Born" from 1937. Overall a good feel good movie

  4. Pat Boone was so handsome! Beautiful voice, talented actor and always a gentleman according to his leading ladies. He was one of the few in showbiz then and now who openly spoke of his religion and how it guided his life and career.

  5. Sure enjoyed this. Thank you for posting this, Richard Hardy. Sometimes it is not about the movie but about the feeling(s) you get from it. Of course we all don't experience life like those depicted in the movie, but for me there were snippets of what I have experienced. Friends I had back then, well, some of them died unfortunately – plane crash, drowned in river, had seizure in pool, crushed by tractor, cancer – but good memories pop up once in a while decades later.

  6. Darwin Stevens 2nd.
    I strive to see the artistic good in movies.
    It seems this one had the line-up of a handsome singer, an extremely talented bongo-player, and a really, Really Bad script.
    I couldn't get past half-way.

  7. Notice the stereotyping re Native Americans and racist "boy" language re Africans. Notice the black actors are a maid and a train porter. So glad the 60s followed the 50s.

  8. I wish teenagers still act this way. I remember this song was popular when I was young in the Philippines. I asked my cousin to name her daughter Bernadine because it is a beautiful name. She did name her daughter Bernadine, and now she is a mother of 8 kids.

  9. I just watched State Fair with Pat Boone, only because I, remember watching it as a kid, Boone has to be the worst actor ever, so stiff, same facial expression for everything.
    How many know he was marketed to be the Anti Elvis, Mr. clean cut, and calling his music Rock&Roll is a crime, he was a crooner.  I will say I love I love Moody River, but his covers of the great Fats Domino are terrible and also a crime.

  10. Blond bombshell Tom Pittman was to me the hottest and sexiest of the whole bunch..was in lust with him since i was 6 years old…sad he died in 1958 after doing high school big shot…my kind of real man..nobody even looks like him today…men today are more like woman..

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