39 Replies to “Our Blushing Brides (1930)”

  1. This was preceded by two other movies with simliar titles. Our Dancing Daughters (which made Crawford a star) and Our Modern Maidens.

    After this one came out, one reviewer asked "what's next, Our Ditzy Divorcees?"

    That always made me chuckle.

  2. Do you know, I take Bette Davis' stance on just wanting to be the best actress and forget the fame! I chased fame as an actress all of my life. I feel sorry for people like Crawford and Stanwyck and many actresses that had to whore themselves in cheap topic movies because they wanted fame. Half-dressed, etc.

  3. It's pretty obvious why she became such a big star. ( Joan Crawford) She really was a beauty. Those huge hypnotic eyes ! Pretty decent actress too.

  4. This was when Joan Crawford was young and radiantly beautiful, around age 25.
    Over 10 years she transformed into that sinister ice queen Mommie Dearest look.
    The 1930 Joan and the 1940 Joan do not even look like the same person.

  5. I asked my elegant Granny what she wore for underwear under a clinging black dress. She said naked as Godiva most of the time. I said cheekily you rode bareback then? She answered, only if I liked him very much, dear, without batting an eye. What a dame.

  6. Regarding last comment, clothes belonged to grandmother and 4 sisters close in age. All kept in huge cedar closets on padded silk hangers in original cloth dress bags and each bag draped with a sheer cotton like fabric. Hats stored in tissue in original boxes, wrapped in the cotton, shoes, too small in original bags in boxes. Hundreds. Treasure trove and many donated and accepted by museums. They had some of their mothers! Professional theatrical companies took the rest on their deaths.

  7. In the early 60s in high school, I dressed in clothes from this period with the hats, 20s, and the lower calf white and cream linens from early century, seriously. I liked the looks on me. A friend looked at me one day and said, I cannot believe you dress that way and get away with it. Everyone compliments you too! Its wierd. My mother looked over and said she doesn't dress, she goes in costume. Bitch. Wore them all my life along with current clothes but loved the old stuff best.

  8. It would have been riveting to see Bette Davis in the tree house, and refusing his advances, modeling etc. More life and zing i believe. Thank you for sharing this movie, I had not seen this listed or watched it.

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