That Gang of Mine (1940) THE EAST SIDE KIDS

Stars: Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Ernest “Sammy” Morrison
Director: Joseph H. Lewis

A street kid has dreams of becoming a jockey. He gets his chance when he and his gang discover a poor old man who has a championship race horse, but they first the raise money to race’s entry fees!


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  1. Bowery Boys Comedy movies were funny. Sort of cult-tish even. Lots of Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall fans. Can't get any of the 1950's movies on YT. Those ya gotta pay for. Even the original Bowery Boys movie posters are very expensive.

  2. Interesting camera work in this film. Clarence Muse is a great actor! I loved seeing the two black characters with an understanding that no white guy could have. Wonderful to see in 1940.

  3. thank you Pizza Flix for posting these awesome vids haven't seen really much of these since the late 1970s when I was 12 13 and 14 I sure wish somebody would post crime School angels with dirty faces and Hell's Kitchen the original dead end kids all of them I think there's like six movies I'm also a former juvenile delinquent so I get the whole thought process that the kids do

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