29 Replies to “The Westerner 1960 S01E03 Brown”

  1. Day e wash dem nookie since eve make adam eat da apple 🍎 dem saloon girls all day do is flit it wit CHUS CHUS
    all the way from beautiful
    nassau, bahamas 🇧🇸

  2. This program could do dark and very dramatic episodes and hilarious comedy equally well. John Dehner, a great actor, could be equally effective in drama and comedy as well.

  3. The .405 Winchester cartridge came out in 1904, and the Winchester model 1895 that he uses came out in 1895, thus the name of the model. This show depicts an earlier time, so this weapon doesn't fit the timeline of this series.

  4. Cute comic western…and that's not a compliment. Waste of talent. No wonder it didn't even last a season – just 13. A season was at least twice as many episodes in those days. The cast, acting and production are pretty good though.

  5. This episode was disappointing. I've seen episodes 1 and 2 and those were truly great. But this one feels like exactly the type of westen tv show Peckinpah tried to be the antithesis of. It was the opposite of realism. I mean he gets out of jail and the first thing he does is shoot at someone in the middle of the street, just around the corner of the sheriffs office. And then they have a goofy fight for a third of the episode, like something straight out of a cartoon. It's almost like a parody of those bad western shows.
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to episode 4, as this one was co-written by Peckinpah again.

  6. Peter Burnett trolls ALL the old really cool westerns and keeps offering disparaging comments. If he doesn't like them, then why would he continue to watch them and bitch about them ALL the time? Weirdo!!!!!

  7. From all your negative, childish rants on each episode of The Westerner Peter B. it's obvious you are well familiar in recognizing a "stupid idiot", being a great example of one.
    I'd ignore you but the fact you won't allow a reply is pretty gutless.

  8. this show was cancelled because the storys had been told many times, the acting ridiculous, And the stories juvenile and stupid, why no one remembers this shit or cares, I remember it and it was nothing special. Keith played a stupid idiot.

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