SLIGHTLY HONORABLE, 1940, Full Movie, Cinetel

A decent lawyer, John Webb (Pat O’Brien), known by his tremendous crusade against corruption is charged with the murder of a young and famous woman by an unscrupulous politician, Vincent Cushing (Edward Arnold), who only seeks the lawyer’s destruction. Seeking to clear his name, John will try to find the real murderer, who is closer than he thinks. In his quest, he will be assisted by his friend, Russ Sampson (Broderick Crawford), and a night club singer (Ruth Terry). Directed by Tay Garnett.


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  1. Dear friend, i agree with the comments from Warner, some guys and some girls have enough oxygen floating around in our skulls too, but not all. It's not a question of male or female. BTW i hope you have enjoyed the film, not enough known but thrilling. Thank you very much for your comment. Best regards

  2. oooooo….that's a little cruel…us guys have enough oxygen floating around in our skulls too…I'd much prefer to pick on politicians…they're all fundamental morons…they just use tax-payers money to 'fund' their (non)'mental' ideas…Warner…I like girls…

  3. it's a hoot…gibson…the air-head young girl grows on you…and for this type movie, the mystery element is surprisingly top drawer…can't find on you tube, but 'Riff Raff' with Pat O'brien is another enjoyable mystery with nice comic touches…Dewey, Cheatham & Webb (Howe got 'croaked')

  4. Dear friend, i think so. And related to the nick name, i've not seen the original english version yet, but i hope i can tell you somthing about it soon. Thank yu for your comment and sorry for the delay in the answer. Best regards.

  5. Good movie and also good to see the life conditions in he 40's-50's. we agree with you. Those years looked better than current years… Thank you for your comment. We hope to read more comments from you about other movies from our cahnnel. Best regards

  6. We are very happy for your positive comment. Yes, that knife scene is very thrilling. We hope yo will enjoy more films from our channel. Soon, too many more. Thank you very much. Best regards.

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