Town Tamer

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A gunfighter is hired to clean up a wild frontier town, but there are forces afoot who want to keep the town as wide-open as it is.


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  1. This movie seemed more like a TV episode. There was never any tension. The plot was all over the place and the ending was too neat and tidy. Barely watchable compared to other similar themes like Warlock, High Noon or Shane.

  2. DeForest Kelley… The bad guy we love to hate. Seriously though, the man's a damn good actor, I mean hell, we hate him and though hate comes more easy than we care to admit, it still takes a good actor to play the part and make it believable.

  3. Good movie. Thanks for posting. Dana Andrews's father was pastor of First Baptist Church in Waelder. I grew up on Waelder. Many older people now gone told me about Dana Andrews and his brother. Both were actors.

  4. โ€˜Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,โ€™
    I think this is a very well written movie. A small Montana town suffers from the criminal elite who controlled the sheriff's office, the judge, the saloons and others. But the movie ends well when good towns people and the hero (Dana Andrews) have victory over the corrupt criminal elite who ran the town.
    There has always been an on-going battle between good and evil, there is a saying attributed to Thomas Jefferson: โ€˜Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,โ€™ in other words freedom is never free and we always have to fight for our freedom.

  5. This film has a strong supporting cast with Lon Chaney (The Wolfman), Bruce Cabot (King Kong), Richard Arlen (Wings) and Pat O'Brien (Knute Rockne), Coleen Gray (Kiss of Death). All were big stars 20 years prior to being in this film. Thanks for posting.

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  9. Someone takes a shot at you while you are kneeling down, so what do you do immediately?? Stand up and have a look around giving the shooter a much larger target to shoot at!…..Lucky crooks are always blind and can't shoot straight!

  10. At first just didn't think Dana Andrews could pull this character off just didn't seem tough enough not even his walk or his aim when he was bushwhacked at the beginning ! Glad I gave it a few more minutes turned out to be a passable Western ๐Ÿ‘ Deforest Kelly played almost the same coward character different actor though from Audie Murphy's "No Name on the Bullet"

  11. These A. C. Lyle westerns are good and that helped old time actors to work again which is great for people like me who remember them I wish they would put all the A.C. Lyle westerns on DVD or blu ray that would be great.they were pretty violent too for the times I guess with Clint Eastwood western and the wild bunch around the corner they had to be with the times the 60 s

  12. One of the very worst western movies I have ever watched in all my 70 years life.
    I am sad for Dana Andrews participating in it.He proved he was a mistakes doer sometimes.

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