1940 Laddie – Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter

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“LADDIE” — 1940 (“Laddie, A True Blue Story” by Gene Stratton-Porter)

I’ve read and own this delightful story. I was happy to find that it was made to a movie!

“Laddie Stanton (Tim Holt) lives on the farm run by his father John (Robert H. Barrat), with a mother and four younger siblings, while on the neighboring farm lives Charles Pryor (Miles Mander), with wife Anna (Mary Forbes) and daughter Pamela (Virginia Gilmore), recently immigrated from England. Laddie develops feelings for Pamela, whose demanding father makes no secret of his disapproval. ‘Little Sister’ seems to know everyone’s secrets, and even speaks for Laddie with Pamela when he’s right there (her tendency to blurt out confidences never seems to get her into trouble). Charles is a very strict military man, whose son Robert (Peter Cushing) has performed an undisclosed indiscretion back in England that led to their relocating to this tiny Indiana community. He looks down on the Stantons because they are farmers, taking pride in the soil which gives back so much, producing the goods that end up on everyone’s dinner table. It’s definitely an old fashioned story with universal appeal, played with believable warmth..”.IMBD


28 Replies to “1940 Laddie – Wonderful Drama! Classic Movie from the book by Gene Stratton-Porter”

  1. I would have loved it if every storyline from this, one of my favourite books from my childhood, had been followed. True, it would have been a VERY LONG MOVIE, but it would have been wonderful to watch in full.

  2. not enough of great movies when people did hard work,loved their family were loyal,honest and,knew from truth and bull crap. these movies will never me made again that makes me so very sad because our nation is over with i fear. if america does not wake up. god help america again please we need you more tha ever amen

  3. Thanks for another gem mirroring family values, once again. I so love these 🎥 s from another era. Once again 💙 felt thanks for all your efforts to keep these movies relevant today !

  4. what a beautiful movie, so sweet & romantic. the little girl is such a wonderful actress. I love this movie too because it's godly, the family is so loving and humble. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for this. I am almost done with the book, having read many other works several times over. I have taken my sweet time in her writings as to spend my life always with a "new" story I haven't read yet. Since it meet with such approval I cannot wait to see it myself.

  6. I loved this movie!! Thank you so very much for uploading it ☺. I LOVE vintage (My personal style is vintage). I'm just SOOOO happy I found your channel 😊. Can't wait to see see all the other movies you got 😃. God bless!!

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