Police Rookie (1940) [Crime] [Drama]

“Police Rookie” is a 1940 American film directed by Sam Newfield for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC). It was PRC’s first release. The film is also known as “I Take This Oath” and is about the trials and tribulations of a group of newly sworn-in police officers.

Directed by Sam Newfield, produced by Sigmund Neufeld, written by George Bricker, story by William A. Ullman Jr., starring Gordon Jones as Steve Hanagan, Joyce Compton as Betty Casey, Craig Reynolds as Joe Kelly, J. Farrell MacDonald as Insp. Tim Ryan
Veda Ann Borg as Flo, Mary Gordon as Mrs. Eileen Hanagan, Robert Homans as Mike Hanagan, Sam Flint as Uncle Jim Kelly, Guy Usher as Capt. Casey Brooks Benedict as Burly, Edward Peil, Sr. as Sergeant Riley and Budd Buster as Jones

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  1. I really do get in to these classics. my meaningless opinion, they're different than now days (obviously), but, they keep me interested as movies now do. Classics let me enjoy more of what now mvs don't have.. CLASS!

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