35 Replies to “The Westerner 1960 S01E02 School Days”

  1. When he left the house and his dog was barking in the direction where that man was, he should of known right then someone was there, but NO the writer of this movie made the script stupid.

  2. Real nice episode – sure wish the lady didn't get killed.

    Only flaw is back in the real times in which this is set, Blasingame shows up at their place with their brother near dead, whether he was guilty or not, Blasingame would have been shot dead if the brothers had the drop on him — they would not have even let him tell his side.

    Of course, then, there would not have been any episode or series left after that — glad Blasingame proved his innocence and lived!

  3. This is an impressively terse and compact episode, courtesy of the unflinching Andre de Toth. Its perhaps too neat resolution nonetheless doesn't negate either Blassingame's pain or Davidson's megalomania, but at least the former is still alive, and the latter, at least, for once, however briefly, satisfyingly laid low. Armstrong sure played vivid bastards for Peckinpah. Am I mistaken in my impression that the William Tracy who played Doug Ritchie (a marvelous sniveling performance) played Pepe (splendidly) in Ernst Lubitsch's THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER 20 years earlier. IMDB seems to have credited Doug to a "second" William Tracy, but I'm wagering this is in error.

  4. It was in a tough time slot against both The Flintstones and Route 66. It says on the commentary track of "Ride the High Country" that Peckinpah got the job as director on the basis of his work on The Westerner, even though he was only a TV director.

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