Rebecca (1940) – Full movie

When a naive young woman marries a rich widower and settles in his gigantic mansion, she finds the memory of the first wife maintaining a grip on her husband and the servants.


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  1. "Miss Danvers, I AM Mrs. De Winter now. Since we can say you turned to a great age and you served this house properly for many centuries, Mr. De Winter and I decided we could… lighten your heavy task. As the scullery maid, don't you think? You'll take the garbage out, you'll peel the potatoes, you'll polish my muddy galoshes. Since you're up, wash my underwear, please. And throw Rebecca's correspondence in the fireplace with her coat and this horrible paperweight… I'd like to have my personal laundry in her bedroom… what? Did you listen? If you don't want to work, just tell me and I'll let you go away".
    What Joan Fontaine should have said during the middle of the film.

  2. Wow, what a great movie. I never did like the housekeeper,thought she was trouble and looked what happened. I will watch this movie again and again. Please post more of the same. Thank you. This is now one of my favorites.

  3. Joan Fontaine's performance, her interpretation of the role– is so irratatting. It is hard to determine if it is just amateurish or just being overwhelmed by the part. Yes, Olivier is a hunk, a murderous hunk in this film.

  4. I think Winter chose her(her name is not metioned even in te book) because he had enough to be manipulated by Rebecca and look for a girl naive and innocent. But we mustn't forget that he is an criminal. He killed his wife wheter she is an horrible woman.

  5. I came hear to watch a good movie, not read sometimes racist, pompous and pretentious comments who see the past through rose tinted glasses. yes things were pleasant in the past. etiquette, courtesy, but only if you were a white male most times. Obviously all is not right with the world now, but the past was extremely oppressive and violent for minorities, and if you wish to go back to that you're not sane

  6. Amazed I came across this on YouTube, one of my favourite films, brought back blissful childhood memories when most tvs were black n white, only 3 chanels to choose from and on a Saturday afternoon the bbc2 double bill was an absolute must, hope my daughter will remember watching this with me for the first time same as I do with my mom 40 years ago.

  7. That ending gave me chills, Maxim seeing the glow of the burning Manderley in the distance. Seeing Mrs. Danvers' ghostly figure driven insane in the blaze of Rebecca's room. Along with a music chilling orchestration. Hitchcock was a master of suspense.

  8. Hi, I have a very specific question. What might Maxim de Winter think about the young woman in 5:50? I'd love to know what other people think about it as it's almost impossible for me to figure it out, what the man is made of. thanks 🙂

  9. some here were comparing Ms. Fontaine to her sister Ms. DeHavilland and. I wonder how many know how bad their relationship was as sisters, and i was enthralled by Olivia all my life, but was really let down when i learned how she was in real life. the same was true of Viven Leigh, a horrible woman! but to the person who said Joan was more attractive than Olivia, i disagree. Olivia had eyes that were so expressive and much stronger, unusual features. Joan is kind of average and unremarkable facialky speaking.

  10. Everything about this is perfect. Laurence Olivier is perfect, Joan Fontaine is perfect, the actress who plays Ms Danvers is absolutely perfect. And Shir Khan as Rebecca's cousin. How could it be better?

  11. It's weird that this thread crops up only when I have just completed some project or having some free time !

    Two years or nearly so ago, we commented on this thread and by the look of it, it may well become a kind of a scrapbook for the commenters to refer back to, maybe in 2040! 😀

    1940-2040! The movie is already 77 !

  12. If you're newly wed, always remember to get rid of all the Mrs Danvers who happens to think and act like they're the boss, i knew that max loved her, he was just a troubled soul, and there we have it (his late wife Rebecca)… was lovely, but i think they're quite better off without it…..great movie!!

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