34 Replies to “The Westerner 1960 S01E01 Jeff”

  1. sleazy utterly despicable, what did men think women are some rag dolls to be slapped around… GGGRRRRRRRR… till today I challenge a person to person fight and see if they can win …. I have no respect no interest in such garbage.

  2. Brian Keith,,,, Never One of My Favorite Actors… For Me,,, He Was a Mediocre Talent, At Best …. But I Sure Enjoyed This Episode and Will Watch All of The Episodes That You Post,,,, Sam,,, Keep Up The Great Work,,, Sam,,,,

  3. Found this interesting that as you follow the series, Keith's character was illiterate. Discovered the show here. Was only seven when it wason and I had never heard of it.Do remember when a lot of westerns were on TV. Like seeing old faces before they became more renowned. Buy me a drink, cowboy? What an original line. Kicked the chief's ass w/o getting out of his chair. I love it.

  4. I luv'd Brian Keith. So good in "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming." And the dog is Old Yeller. He was a gud boy. Thnx for posting.

  5. Sam Peckinpah used this medium to live out his own existence in a time period in which he was meant to live. Unfortunately, reality crept in and killed him – as it did Brian Keith, who took his own life.

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