A Farewell to Arms (1957) Charles Vidor – Full Movie

Set against the backdrop of the Italian front during World War I, an American Army volunteer (Rock Hudson) meets a British nurse (Jennifer Jones) on the eve of the big offensive in the Alps and they fall passionately in love. Torn apart, then reunited, they escape to Switzerland to await the birth of their child – and the tragic conclusion to their once-in-a-lifetime romance.

Starring: Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones, Vittorio De Sica
Directed by: Charles Vidor, John Huston (uncredited)
Based on the novel by: Ernest Hemingway


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  1. I really didn't like it. He was too pushy and she was too mushy. Where were the nurses in the hospital the doctors was forced to leave? I think Ill stick to books when it comes to the classics. 😴

  2. Times when we called eachother by beautiful names. Better to hear darling than bitch ever. Any anger she had it was because of the pain and the wait. Trust me. This was what LOVE was about. It couldn't have gotten any deeper than this movie did. Way back then.

  3. This movie I can relate to because it was my life in parts. To keep my story short. I was in love like that and was pregnant with a boy he took me through that same thing till they had to take him. He lived and so did I. This was the only difference. That child took 30 hours to come. I would of left the world the same way she did without a husband and a son. Somehow 4 children later I lived through it. Anyway This movie really got to me. Although I saw it way after I went through this. The last part of this is I was able to marry somebody in the military but we didn't have children together. He had two sons already though and we raised our kids together. So my thoughts for this story is to wonder what these two people went though and if she would have lived like my son and I did, would they had stayed together and had more children oh and got married? They were such a good couple together but going through life this or that can happen in a blink of an eye. So please when your in love take life as precious as U can, because once a life plan is set that's what U get and U can't change it after that. I appreciate whoever posted this it gave me peace. Weird to know stories like this happened way before U were born the circle of life and it seems to be true of the saying "You think the world just got started when U arrived. Not realizing so much sadness happened way before U recognized it. So what he saw at the end of this movie in his thoughts, I was fortunate enough to pull through.

  4. One of my Aunts took me with her to watch this movie in a theater when I was a kid…I didn't understand it then.Watched it again now & realized how awesome it is,brought back many fond memories too,thank you for posting.

  5. Notice how, in the opening credits, the title of the movie sweeps across the screen just like it did for Gone With The Wind. Selznick kept looking for his next GWTW ever after & while it is unsure if he was aware this would be his last work as a producer, he reused that "sweeping title" technique on this, a film whose story did not need such an epic treatment.

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