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  1. A very enjoyable movie! MacMahon is great, as she was in everything she did, and Oakie is really fine too! A great cast overall! A wonderful satire on Hollywood!

  2. as of now, june 2013, i have seen just over 40,300 movies and i just discovered youtube has full movies. once in a lifetime is a movie i had never found on tv, netflix, or interlibrary loans. i have no idea where you got it, but thank you very much for finding it and for uploading it.

  3. Zasu Pitts — now there's a woman just born to play Olive Oyl. Which she never did, but she's still a funny, nice character actress & personality.

  4. started watching movies early, was projectionist in college, started keeping track of all movies alphabetically by year over 40 years ago. now retired with a lot of time, and my son showed me there are movies on youtube!

  5. Zasu had made dozens of films before "Once in a Lifetime". She was a movie veteran by 1932. In 1924 she had done a brilliant job in Eric von Stroheim's "Greed".

  6. I directed this show back in the '80s. How I wish this movie was available back then! Lots of the cast members had trouble delivering the gags, being unfamiliar with early '30s parlance.

  7. A Frank Rich column in New York magazine a few weeks ago discussed Moss Hart; this led me to Hart's memoir, Act One, which led me to watch the movie, which led me on a search for Once in a Lifetime, which caused me to buy the play script, which caused me to search for the film, which I just found.   But this film is boring me to death.   (I've enjoyed other films from the early 30s, so the age is not the problem.)

  8. I haven't watched it yet, but the comments are delightful (if you skip the two below this one). Thanks for all the good movie times for me and my Mom (she's almost 87).

  9. Having just seen James Lapine's theatrical version of "Act One" here in New York, I then read the delightful Moss Hart book on which it is based; and as the second half of the book is entirely about the writing and production of "Once in a Lifetime," I am so happy you have made this exceedingly hard-to-find movie available here.

  10. nice comedy classic flick an cast for the age fun funny. its fun to watch. 50 cents was alot then. people can an did live off change. prices $$ shes gor the brains hes got the cash.. if all I had to is put my ear to female chest an get paid. life is great. boots boots boots. funny.

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